Deanery Assembly Elections 2011

The forthcoming elections are to elect lay members to the deanery Assembly.

The deanery Assembly is a body consisting of clergy, 15 elected members of the laity/deaconate and parish representitives. However, this is probably the last year in which we will hold elections in the current format as we will soon be changing to be in line with the rest of the Archdiocese, where all clergy and deacons are assembly members and each parish elects a corresponding number of laity to be members. Eg. a parish with 2 priests and 1 deacon should elect 3 lay members. Clergy and lay members will also be members of the Archdiocesan Assembly which is held every 3 years in Paris. Communities will continue to send a community representative to the annual deanery assembly.
Click here for notice of elections, and here for Elections Nomination form.
Closing date for nominations: Tuesday 19th July