Holy Myrrhbearers Skete, Cambridge

Holy Myrrhbearers Skete is a tiny monastic presence in the city of Cambridge, still in formation.

It is essentially devoted to prayer and continual conversion, through the following of Christ and the ever deeper assimilation of His Love, tending, in common with other believers, towards the fullness of Christian life and theosis through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

By its life, it desires to respond to the needs of today's urban
world by providing a small 'oasis' in the city, a place of prayer and welcome for any who may wish to come: a place of dialogue and bridge building among believers, and between believers and non-believers alike.

It is anchored in the Exarchate and its UK Vicariate, but welcomes all. At present the skete has one nun, and a number of Friends.

For times of offices and further information about the skete or the Friends, or of eventual occasional Saturday study days, or quiet days, please contact Mother Joanna, Holy Myrrhbearers Skete, 9 Erasmus Close, Cambridge, CB4 3TJ - e-mail: jbjb424@aol.com.