Enthronement of Archbishop Job

Ceremony of the Enthronement of His Eminence Archbishop Job.The enthronement of Archbishop Job took place on 5 December 2013 at the St Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Paris, in the presence of a large gathering of clergy and laity from Paris as well as from those who had specially come from the provinces, from Belgium, Holland, Germany and Great Britain.The ceremony was presided over by metropolitan Emmanuel, bishop of the diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in France and chairman of the Episcopal Assembly of the Orthodox bishops of France, and was the personal representative for this occasion of patriarch Bartholemew I.  The enthronement was held at the end of the celebration of the Vigil for the feast of saint Alexander of the Neva.  Following a short hymn of praise, archpriest Alexis Struve, dean of the cathedral, read out the letter of the Patriarch and the Holy Synod announcing that at its meeting on 2 November 2013 archimandrite Job had been raised to the rank of Archbishop, thus ratifying the choice made by the general assembly of the Archdiocese on 1 November.  After this, metropolitan Emmanuel gave a homily which archbishop Job responded to.  After the exchange of letters, HE Emmanuel presented Archbishop Job with a crozier, who then blessed the assembled people to the singing of 'Ton despotin'.  The archdeacon Vsevolod Borzakovsky then intoned Many Years to his Holiness the ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemew. To the new archbishop Job and to all the assembled guests, clergy and the faithful.A number of important guests were present: bishops representing the ecumenical Patriarchate, metropolitan Jeremy of Switzerland and his suffragan bishop Makarios of Lampsakos, metropolitan Meletius of Petra in Crete, metropolitan Athenagoras of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, metropolitan Ignatius of western and central Europe Europe (Patriarchate of Antioch), archbishop Meletius of Khotin and bishop Nestor of Cherson (Moscow Patriarchate), bishop Mark, suffragan bishop of the Romanian patriarchate in western and southern Europe. Bishop Luke (diocese of the Serbian Patriarchate in western Europe) was represented by fr. Slavisa Sanić, and metropolitan Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) was represented by the chancellor,  fr John Jillions.Other churches and Christian confessions were represented, notably by the cardinal André 23, archbishop of Paris; Mgr. Eric of  Moulins-Beaufot, suffragan bishop of Paris; pastor Jan Stranz representing the President of the Protestant Federation of France; pastor Jean-Noël Pérès, director of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies of Paris; Rev. Matthew Harrison rector of the Anglican parish of Paris; Mgr. Luke, bishop of the Coptic Church in France.  Civil authorities were also present:   French civil authorities were also represented including those responsible for religions at the Interior Ministry and Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as M.  François Lebel, mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Paris.  Also present were staff from the Institute of Higher Education at the Chambésy Ecumenical Patriarchate's centre for Orthodoxy near Geneva; from the St Sergius Theological Institute in Paris; from the St Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in New York.The enthronement ceremony was preceded by the Vigil service for St Alexander Nevsky, presided over by Archbishop Job, accompanied by archbishop Meletius, priests from the cathedral and deans of the Archdiocese.  The choir was conducted by protodeacon Alexandre Kedroff.  Following the enthronement a reception was organised by the Diocesan Administration and the Parish Council of the cathedral in a marquee in the cathedral grounds.On the following day, 6 December (23 November old style), on the feast of St Alexander Nevsky and patronal feast of the cathedral, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated by archbishop Job, with bishops Makarios, Meletios of Khotin and Nestor, and about twenty priests and five deacons.  After the Liturgy, the clergy and faithful shared in an agape meal arranged by the ladies of the parish.(Here you can see photos from the enthronement)