Feuillets de l’exarchat

Feuillet de l'Exarchat March 2017

The March 2017 issue of Feuillet de l'Exarchat is out.

Feuillet de l'Exarchat November 2016

Feuillet de l'Exarchat November 2016The November 2016 issue of Feuillet de l'Exarchat is out.

In this issue:

Feuillet of the Exarchate June 2016


  • Message from Archbishop John for the Feast of Pentecost
  • Report on the The enthronement of Archbishop John
  • Patriarchal and synodal letter
  • A personal reflection on the Enthronement by hierom. Prophyrios
  • Report on the traditional pilgrimage organised by our Exarchate to the Holy Land
  • In Memoriam: Nikita Alekseïevitch Struve
  • Ordinations

April 2016 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

The Feuillet of the Exarchate is back! download the latest copy here.

Main articles:

February 2015 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

1.   I was in prison and you visited me…
2.   Poitiers (France) Pastoral visit
3.   The Parish of Poitiers
4.   Saint Hilary of Poitiers 315-367
5.   The relics of St Hilary
6.    First Liturgy
7.    Ordinations

Feuillet of the Exarchate January 2015 (en)

1. Christmas message of archbishop Job of Telmessos
2. Great is God in his Saints — Maastricht (Pays-Bas)
3. The Story of a Link between Orthodox Communities in England and Uganda
4. Fifty years of the Crypt of the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris

December 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

  1. Archbishop Job's namesday
  2. The Divine Liturgy of St James
  3. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Centenary Conference - London
  4. Seminar for young adults in Albstadt (Germany)
  5. the Divine Liturgy according to the Church Fathers( Germany)
  6. In memoriam Nicholas Ossorguine (Paris)

November 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

  1. St. Sergius Theological Institute 90th Academic year
  2. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  3. Welcome address of Patriarch Theophilos III
  4. First anniversary of repose of arch.

October 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

1. The deanery in Scandinavia
2. Saint Alexis of Ugine 1934 – 2004 – 2014
3. Pastoral Visit - Stockholm
4. Feast at the Saint Silouan monastery

September 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

  • Pastoral visit o the Vitiaz Camp —
  • The Annual Meeting of the Deanery of Italy
  • 'The Christian Anthropology of Olivier Clément  at a Crossroad between East and West' prof. Michel Stavrou
  • A Course on Orthodox Liturgical Music
  • Visit of archbishop Job to Devon
  • Ordinations


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