Communiqué of the Diocesan Administration

Communiqué of the Diocesan AdministrationOctober 16 2012On Saturday 13 October, upon his return from visiting the convent of the Protecting Veil of the Most Holy Mother of God, Archbishop Gabriel found among his mail a summons to appear before the Paris 'Tribunal de Grande Instance' (Civil Court) at the demand of five members of the parish assembly of the Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Paris:  Deacon  Jean Drobot, Madame Karin Wothe, Mr Basile de Tiesenhausen, Mr Viktor Loupan, Mr Vadim Tichonicki.  These five members, who are in disagreement with Archbishop Gabriel, have decided to resolve their differences before a tribunal by summoning Archbishop Gabriel as rector and president of the ' association cultuelle' of the cathedral to appear before the Paris 'Tribunal de Grande Instance'. In thus pursuing through the civil courts the rector of the parish, who is also their archbishop, these five persons are involved in an action that is contrary to all the canons (canons 6 of the second ecumenical council, 9 of the 4th Ecumenical Council, 12 of the Council of Antioch, 15 of the Council of Carthage) and to the spirit of the Church:  a cleric nor a layman may not resort to the civil courts against his bishop.In accordance with the church rules and statutes of the Archdiocese (art. 8, § 5), the Archbishop has referred this matter to the Disciplinary Committee to decide on this case. The Disciplinary Committee is composed of the Archpriest Vladimir Yagello (Chairman), Protopresbyter Anatole Rakovitch, the Archpriest Jivko Panev and Archpriest Serge Sollogoub.Archbishop Gabriel wishes to express his deep feelings and his pain in regard such acts. He calls on all the faithful of our diocese to pray that peace and harmony may be restored to our hearts.October 16, 2012