Communiqué N ° 01-11 of the Diocesan Administration

Following the publication on the site "Let's talk about orthodoxy" hosted by the Diocese of Chersonese of the Moscow Patriarchate in France of a report that Father Nicolas Ozolin (son) would be appointed rector of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Nice, Archbishop Gabriel and the Diocesan administration wish to point out that they have received no official information about this matter.

They also emphasise that according to the immutable tradition of the Orthodox Church, based on the canons, the appointment of a cleric to serve at an altar at which the liturgy has been celebrated for many years in the name of another bishop can not be done without the explicit agreement of the latter. They also state that the ownership of a building does not in any way confer on its holder the right to choose the jurisdiction to which the clergy belong or to make any appointment. An appointment made without the consent of the local bishop would be a flagrant violation of recognized church practice. The St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice is at present under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Comana. A meeting between Bishop Gabriel and Bishop Nestor Gabriel should take place soon.