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 Journal of the DeaneryThe Messenger contains theology, Church life, news and book reviews.  It is published three times a year: February, July and November.The latest issue of The Messenger is March 2014 (back issues available as PDF downloads as well).The Messenger is available as a hard copy (printed booklet) or downloadable PDF; available as subscription or single copies; see below for details.PayPal is the preferred method for all transactions. You can use to Paypal to pay with a debit or credit card, and no account is necessary (except for subscriptions)Subscriptions will be sent at the time of release; single issues in PDF  are instantly downloadable (via email with a link).Please note that the subscription will be renewed automatically every year.If you would like to subscribe using a cheque or to contact the Messenger publishers, click here. Hard copy (printed)ItemPost to:Price:Action:March 2014 (latest issue, contents & editorial)UK£7.50Europe£9World£10 PayPal view cart (checkout)PDF(instant download for single and back-issues; sent by email)All back issues to date (bundle)£11March 2014£3November 2013 (contents & editorial)£1July 2013 (contents & editorial)£1add to cartMarch 2013 (contents & editorial)£1add to cartNovember 2012  (contents & editorial)£1add to cardJuly 2012  (contents & editorial)£1add to cartMarch 2012  (contents & editorial)£1add to cartNovember 2011  (contents & editorial)£1add to cartJuly 2011 (contents & editorial)£1add to cartMarch 2011 (contents & editorial)£1add to cartNovember 2010 (editorial)£1add to cartJuly 2010 (contents & editorial ) £1add to cartMarch 2010 (contents) £1add to cartNovember 2009 (contents) £1add to cartAugust 2009 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartMay 2009 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartFebruary 2009 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartNovember 2008 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartAugust 2008 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartMay 2007 (contents & editorial) £1add to cartFebruary 2007 (contents & editorial) £1add to cart The Messenger publication, click here