Message from Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, locum tenens of the Archdiocesan throne

On the occasion of his visit to the Exarchate cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Paris, his Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, locum tenens of the Archdiocesan throne, concluded his address to the faithful with the following words:Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have today the singular honour to be amongst you because of the changes which your Church has undergone. You are about to open a new page in your history. Such changes are never without a certain element of anxiety about the future.

My presence among you and my task up to the time of the election of a new pastor is to reassure you and give you encouragement. The history of the Church is made up of such moments of change, which bear witness to the continuing work of Christ in history. I shall be at your side and remain with you to give support in the election process to choose the person you would have as your new pastor.

Besides that, I must assure you of the special place that the Exarchate has in the heart of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and in the Orthodox Church. Be aware of this and be proud of it. You are the bearers of a spiritual legacy which must continue and bear fruit, as in the parable of the talents.

I wish each and every one of you a luminous feast of the Theophany.

May God bless you

Paris, 19 January (Theophany - old calendar)