Parish Management

Archdiocese and Deanery statutes.

Below are the links for the Archiocese and Deanery statutes.

They are protected files with username and password.

To obtain the credentials and  download/read the files, please contact your parish priest.

Archdiocese statutes

Deanery statutes


Policy Statement on Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People in the Orthodox Church

All of God’s people are uniquely valuable and worthy of respect and care. This guidance is provided to the parishes of the Exarchate of Western Europe in the UK whilst full policies and guidance are being developed. There need not be any moral judgement in safeguarding vulnerable people; the parish needs to know the risks and manage those risks accordingly.

SCOPE: there are legal definitions for children and vulnerable adults, but anyone may become vulnerable without the parish knowing, so this policy applies to ALL people in the parish, visitors as well as members.

Please download the pdf document on the right for full details on our policy.


Deanery model clauses, model Parish Constitution and Property Trust Deed

Many stakeholders of our deanery would like us to be as professional as possible when running our parishes, bearing in mind that we are mostly volunteers. The Archdiocese requires us to meet certain norms, parents, carers and families want us to safeguard our people, donors want us to safeguard the funds and property that they give us.

To help communities and parishes with these complex tasks, the deanery has developed a set of up-to-date constitutional material to make sure that we are using all the latest tools available to us. This should free us from 'earthly cares', secure in the knowledge that we have made appropriate arrangements for the care of our 'earthly things'.

Please find below a model parish constitution and a model property trust, alongside with some guidance on setting up these arrangements. These are a starting point- delete the words in the [square brackets] and insert details relevant to your parish or community.

Microsoft Word document versions are available from the attachments section below.

If you need further help, your local solicitor should help or you can contact the Deanery Exec, fr Timothy Curtis.

Guidance on adopting the
Deanery model clauses

Model Parish Constitution

Parish Property Trust Deed

Parish Property Trust Deed